About Us

About Simple Cloud Works

We are based in Edmonton, Canada, which means we have erratic snow in the winter and beautiful sunshine the rest of the year!

The best results are achieved by collaborative efforts and team work. Such is the energy that moves the cloud!

Our Story

After obtaining a PhD in the UK, working on science research at the University of Alberta, and collaborating with multiple nonprofit organizations, Simple Cloud Works founder Joseph-Luis realized that his tech-geeky-social talents could be put to good use helping individuals and organizations get the most and the best of technology in their lives and work.

Simple and affordable solutions for your business!

Eventually, through the collaboration with other talented and passionate people Simple Cloud Works was born in 2011 and since then Joseph-Luis has created web solutions for international authors to promote their work, lawyers who want to highlight their services, organizations that provide membership plans, and businesses that want to better promote and sell their services and products.

Among his other passions, Joseph-Luis has hold executive positions within Toastmasters, is a co-organizer of Board Leadership Edmonton, and enjoys coaching and practising archery at a recreational and competitive level for the Capital Region Archery Club.